About el producto

Very simple. A weekly selection of Tech and Product articles by a curious and frequently skeptical Product Owner’s perspective.

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🤔  Why el producto?

Every week I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading books, magazines, newsletters, Medium articles and random media suggested via my multiple social media streams. While I am a big fan of some of the newsletters and aggregators, I haven’t yet managed to find a single source for all things I like, find interesting and would like to share with the world.

What if I would just do it myself? Being honest, it doesn’t take me much time to save those articles, distil them and share them here. I will be very happy if I manage to help any curious minds with similar interest. Moreover, I hope I will learn something along the way. This is how I came to make this little experiment, a Minimum Viable Product for something I’ve been thinking about for a while already.