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  • 6 decision-making frameworks that help startup leaders tackle tough calls, by First Round Review.
  • The GEM model: Prioritizing growth, engagement, and monetization to keep organizations aligned. Gibson Biddle explains how they applied this strategy prioritization model during his tenure as VP of Product at Netflix.
  • Mastering the art of the OutcomeFirst Round talks to Guru’s co-founder and CEO Rick Nucci“Are you paying attention to the metrics that matter to your clients’ success? If you spend more time talking about lagging indicators like ARR — rather than metrics like DAU or feature-specific engagement — stop saying you’re customer-oriented. You’re sales-oriented.”
  • In search of a better way to measure Product/Market fit. We rarely use a hard metric to define PMF. Sean Ellis proposes one.
  • The Hierarchy of Marketplaces (Level 1Level 2, and Level 3) synthesizes the thinking on how to build enduring marketplaces. To deliver minimum viable happiness, you have to understand the humans on both sides of the marketplace, and what drives them. The marketplace that wins is the marketplace that figures out how to make their buyers and sellers meaningfully happier than any substitute. GMV is irrelevant — a vanity metric that can lead you down the wrong path if you chase it

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